Everything has changed. And nothing has changed.

It is a first, I’ll admit–at least it is for me. It has to be the first time in my lifetime–and certainly the first time in my adult-life–that I just don’t care.

I don’t care about Mr. Trump. I don’t care about Mrs. Clinton. I don’t think either is good for the country–nor do I think it’s the end of the world. I am, for want of any better term–ambivalent. There is enough going on in my own life to keep me busy and there are enough things going on that interest me that I can keep my attention elsewhere. The election has lost any real connection to me.

As a country, we’re preoccupied with people’s sexual identities and bathroom choices while watching reality television shows that have nothing to offer other than getting into the trials and conflicts of other people’s lives.

We use social media for the simple matter of proclaiming ourselves better than others and telling them what they should believe–as though even strangers hang on our every pronouncement like we have some special knowledge about the future. We are Willy Lohman-and attention must be paid.

Our finest universities sport student bodies who want an end to the First Amendment because people’s feelings might get hurt and those same colleges are asking outrageous tuition that is bankrupting the whiny generation.

Young American warriors are being killed abroad as they attempt to keep ISIS and Al-Qaeda in check and the recent attacks in Europe have been met with fecklessness and indecision.

Where I live, in California, 1500 square-foot homes are back above half a million dollars and developers continue to submit bids to build them, even as the state runs out of water in the south, the Governor continues a boondoggle of building a high-speed rail network that will connect none of the largest population centers and more people come to the state even though jobs are scarce and getting more so.

Large corporations continue to mass billions of dollars in profits, while paying employees less to do more. The U.S. government, having delved into medical insurance, have wrecked it to the point where insurance companies are going bankrupt and refusing to continue to partake in the government’s exchanges.

Speaking of the First Amendment, the news media-ever loving lap dogs for Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, now fill online pages with the kvetching of people wondering how these two got the nomination–smart people are actually wondering how it happened–and yet, every web-page, every news show, every conversation is about Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. They never even paid for the air-time they got.

So, let’s check off the list: terrorist attacks killing both innocents and American warriors, feckless responses from nearly every quarter, whiny millenials who don’t want free speech, corporate greed, government incompetence, real estate bubbles and politically influenced water shortages, political correctness, an orgy of stupidity in everything from the classroom to the White House. Liars, damned liars, lying liars and young people obsessed with sexual identities and bathrooms.

And I’m supposed to think that Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton are the most important problems we face? Please….



5 thoughts on “Everything has changed. And nothing has changed.

  1. Thank you for your many valid points in this piece. While I do agree that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are not the biggest challenges we face, their rise to presidency will spell out a very difficult four years ahead. Due to the fact that their actions/ inactions will likely lead to another economic collapse, as a consequence of the housing bubble and corporate greed we see today not being properly addressed. For the sake of the country and future generations, I hope we the people come together to stand up against fascists that divide us and corrupt politicians that deceive us. And instead choose an honest and principled leader with a proven record of having the foresight and character to make the CORRECT difficult political decisions every time . I urge you and anyone else who may be politically apathetic at the moment to please set aside any apathy for the system currently in place, for the chance to make a difference in the trajectory of our democratic society by voting Bernie Sanders in the upcoming primaries and general election.

  2. I know you my friend, and I understand your feeling. I also know that you do care.
    I think like myself, you are wondering what has caused the world to turn stupid and confused.
    I have decided to stick with my personal beliefs, try to continue to be kind to all, and also continue to enjoy a fine wine, good beer or smooth Scotch with family and friends.
    And I know a friend that I long overdue to have one with, YOU.

  3. Great article. The only reason I don’t agree with you completely Mark, is that we have a Supreme Court Justice position at stake. I am not a fan of Trump at all, and this is the only reason I will pull the lever for the man with an R behind his name. If this were not in play, I would definitely stay home!

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