New digs, new gigs

A busy time, gentles, as I have spent the week hooking up, finishing up articles, bringing on new ones and interviewing various parties. I turned in six different pieces today alone. Good times.

So, I get to make the official announcement that I’ve got two new homes on the web, one of which I already mentioned and that is that I now contribute to The Disney Blog, John Frost’s inestimable site on all things Disney. Since I’m kind of a Disney fanatic, I really wanted the opportunity to write about it–and John has kindly provided that opportunity.

The other one that I am truly excited about is

Trueslant is a website that touts itself as the future of media and there’s some validity to it, actually. My page is called, appropriately enough, “wino” and it deals with all things wine. I humbly ask you to visit and bookmark the site. Feel free to comment, to send me messages there and to participate in the process. It’s pretty cool. I’ve begun posting already and have two articles up. I anticipate signing a contract with them in a week or so after they see how well the site does. So–the more, the merrier.

I’ve also begun writing for Wine and Jazz magazine and have just finished a piece for them on my colleague Tom Wark, one of the finest P.R. representatives in the wine business. We’ve never met face to face, but have spoken a number of times on the phone and e-mailed. I did a profile feature of him that will appear in September’s issue.

Finally, my friend Cyrus Nowrasteh’s movie came out today and it is opening to strong reviews. I urge you to see the film as soon as you can. It is a powerful movie based on a true story.

That’s it, gentles. I’m all typed out. Peace-

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