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Uploads and Uplinks

on June 21st, 2009 by mark

Well, I dare say-the past few months I’ve introduced some new writing projects and had some other irons in the fire that are still cooking. One, however, that I can now tout, came to fruition today at The Disney Blog.

For those unfamiliar, the Disney Blog is run by John Frost, a former inmate of the House of Mouse and he now comments at his blog on all things Disney. He’s got a good eye for news and he certainly tells a lot of otherwise ignored stories. I humbly ask you to follow the link above and read my first post there.

Meanwhile, a few other opportunities have appeared as well and I’ll be pursuing those as soon as tomorrow. I have a number of deadlines I’m preparing for Monday which is, of course, a cheap way of saying tonight’s post will be short. But tomorrow is an honorable day, if I may be so bold as to namedrop:

Your humble correspondent will be interviewing:
Cyrus Nowrasteh-the writer and director of the films The Path to 9/11 and his latest-The Stoning of Soraya M. The latter will be released this coming Friday and because of events in Iran, the film takes place there and is a retelling of a true story about a young woman unjustly accused and punished, the piece has a timely ring to it.

Tom Wark-the inestimable Sonoma County wine blogger and PR rep. who, with his blog Fermentation, has impacted the wine world greatly.

Alice Feiring-The extraordinary wine writer and speaker who speaks “truth to power” when it comes to honest, natural and serious wine. I’ve been an admirer of hers for a long time and those of you in the wine and food world know her well. As my daughter might say, “she’s be-awesome!”

So–a busy day ahead, gentles. And a lot for which to prepare. Good night one and all….

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  1. C. Karen says:

    Wanna know what’s better than Night at the Museum 2, Mr. Storer? Dream theater’s cover of “Larks’ tongues in aspic, Pt II. Excellent.

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