One Step up-Two Steps Back

Jarvis’s death at Christmas-time and a host of other, much smaller issues, simply put the wind out of the sails. As I write, I am taking a much appreciated day off-almost entirely (I had a phone call from an interview subject).

I have come to the end of the first semester of my 23rd year of teaching with a few more scars than in years past and I didn’t expect that either. I thought that the roll over away from No Child Left Behind and the incessant testing culture toward the seemingly more sane Common Core, would be a welcome change. I’m not engaging in the politics of it, now. In fact, for my conservative friends who say they’re against it, I caution you–read it first, will you? I have yet to talk to anyone who is against Common Core who actually has read it. I believe if you have read it, you’re not nearly as against it as you think you are.

Regardless, what has happened is that our principal is apparently in fear of his job. He believes they’re out to get him-and willingly says so. So the pressure is on him–and he puts the pressure on us. When I mistakenly forgot to attend an English Dept. meeting, he dressed me down in no uncertain terms, referring to it as “unprofessional” and other things. It was appalling and frustrating as I have known the man 17 years.

I didn’t think that at this point in my career, I’d be battling personalities and proclivities of small-minded people. And as someone who has taken his career pretty seriously, both journalism and education, I am a bit upset about it. So upset, in fact, that an essay of any kind is out of the question and this becomes a true blog post in the real sense of that term–an update signifying not much.

I’ll round out these smooth edges and be back to you, gentles. Now is the time for reflection and calm.